My Book in Kindle

Well for the last couple of days I have been working on getting my first book into a Kindle at . I learned a lot on how to do just that with a little knowledge from more or less experts on facebook at I also have been working on getting my second book published to the series of “The Six Forest Friends” at  So far I have managed a lot in the little bit of time I have been working on it.

My first Appearance of a Author

On February 1, 2010 I was asked to read my book. This was the most exciting experience I ever endured. I went to St Laurentius Catholic School and read my book to 2nd & 3rd graders. All I can say is WOW!!!!! Reading my book to children I didn’t know, is so different then just reading it to my grandchildren. I was so thrilled over this that I felt numb. Until that day it didn’t seem real and now it truly does….

I answered questions from these children, like one boy asked me “who was my favorite character in the story.”

Let me first say that two of my grandchildren Matthew and Alexis attend this school. Yes they were allowed to attend my book reading. I just simply smiled at my grandchildren and said they were all my favorites. I thought it was funny when he asked that question

Another question was “how did I pick these certain forest animals” my answer was easy cause of who my grandchildren were. Like for instance Erc is a snake who is sneaky and bossy, so is my grandson Eric.

Then I had a teacher asked me if there was anything at all I would like to say to them and there was. I just simply told them all not to give up on any dreams that they have no matter how many times it doesn’t work out just keep on trying.

My first book signing on “The Six Forest Friends”

I had my first Book signing today Wednesday, 17 March 2010, was it great? I think it was all right nothing to brag about right now. About four people showed up, one came in with a book for me to sign I kind of enjoyed it. Another was someone I never met and it felt good to sign a book to someone I never met before. The other two was an Aunt of mine; she got five of them, and a friend who got one. Then a man came in, didn’t buy any books but he took the time and gave me some advise which was really great. He had a couple of books published; now I have to go and find these books he wrote. I didn’t get his name, which was kind of my fault for not asking. That’s about it on the Book Signing day…. I am hoping the next one turns out to be more rewarding. So for the next couple of weeks I need to get my books ready for signing. I know with a first book signing that selling over 5 books is good so I will believe I didn’t do to bad….